Light but with pleasure!

With the change of season, a nice hot dish is what it takes!

A delicious first course to take with you even under the sun umbrella, to refresh you from the hot summer days.

An alternative recipe to turn the usual escalope into an appetizing second course. The goodness of this simple stuffing will surprise you!

A simple appetizer, with a creamy filling that takes young and old alike by the throat!

This easy, spring-flavoured recipe lends itself to practicality and flavour at your next picnic with your loved ones.

Soresina yoghurt plumcake is the delicacy to stay light and fit, even in summer! Whether you are a mountain lover or a beach lover, today’s recipe is easy and good just as a snack outside of meals.

The salty muffins are ideal for a quick and tasty lunch, the recipe suggested is healthy and tasty, to stay light and resume the day with energy.

Spaghetti served with butter, lemon and courgette sauce is a simple and delicious dish, with the original and delicate taste of lemon meets sweet courgettes. On any table, there will be a show of tastes and smells.

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