Fast, light and super tasty!

A fresh and easy to prepare dessert, perfect for a sweet “toast” to offer to friends on a summer evening.

A soft and delicious dessert! Ideal during the summer and practical to serve, this cream will be perfect for any occasion.

Are you looking for an alternative to the usual hors d’oeuvres or lunchtime sandwich? The simplicity and taste of these pancakes will surprise you!

No need to fry or grill. All you need is a well-heated oven and about ten minutes to prepare a delicious, light and quick starter!

It will take very few minutes to make this delicious cream that does not need cooking; you can enjoy it accompanied by fresh fruit or use it to stuff your tarts.

Tired of the usual toast on your lunch break or before going to the gym? Try the variant with vegetables: healthier and tastier and quicker to prepare!

An unusual variant to eat canned tuna, an ingredient that is never missing at home! Inviting as appetizers, appetizing for seconds, they lend themselves with taste and simplicity to any occasion.

These cheese balls seem born to enhance the delicious and strong flavor of caciocavallo cheese.
Quick to do, it is a great recipe in case of unexpected guests!

Tiramisu is one of the most famous Italian sweets in the world.
Prepared with multiple layers of sponge finger biscuits covered with mascarpone cheese and soaked in coffee, it is confirmed as one of the most appreciated desserts by Italians and not only!
If Italian cuisine is famous in the world, it is also thanks to its Tiramisu.

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