Certified quality,
from our land to your fork.

Supply chain

One single agreement for a certified and sustainable supply chain.

From the land and feeding and welfare of our cows, to the equipment and processing of milk: Latteria Soresina’s supply chain has always guaranteed good, genuine products made with passion, artisanal know-how and cutting-edge technology. In fact, all the breeder members with their more than 200 cowsheds located near the Latteria Soresina plants have signed a supply chain agreement that consists of attentive monitoring over the entire production cycle, with preventive actions and periodic checks. Supply chain certification has two objectives: guarantee the traceability and food safety of the finished product and ensure compliance with all hygiene and health standards. An excellence also demonstrated by CSQA, an independent body that certifies the food quality of our products as well as compliance with what is declared.

Certified fodder and feeds for our 46,000 lactating cows

Only 100% Italian milk from the more than 200 dairy farms belonging to our members

Fresh milk: transported daily to the plants nearby in the region

Controlled quality: continuous sampling and laboratory analysis

Wide range of products: more than 1,300 items

Distribution in more than 80 countries worldwide

Have a look at our certification

Discover how all our goodness comes into being.


All for one. One for all. Since 1900.

The Latteria Soresina cooperative was founded in 1900 on the close synergy between farmers and milk producers: a form of association which, today as before, is the model that best interprets the strong bond that unites our members. The relationship that binds them is solid and based on reciprocity: the cooperative takes responsibility for problems that may affect the individual farm and each member contributes to the company’s growth.

Cooperative member dairy farms


100% Italian milk. And from the green heart of the Po Valley.

A green heart beats in Latteria Soresina products, that of the Po Valley. It is here (and only here) that the more than 200 dairy farms belonging to our members are located, and it is here with our milk that all the good things with the Latteria Soresina brand come into being. Our company is deeply rooted in the region: a large green area between the provinces of Cremona, Brescia, Bergamo, Mantua, Lodi and Milan, which has always been devoted to traditional agriculture and farm animals. In our seven plants, we process the milk produced by the 46,000 cows raised in the cowsheds nearby. Here our breeders select certified and controlled feeds, primarily grown by the members in our region. Not surprisingly, all the cooperative’s breeders must adhere to strict regulations for producing Grana Padano, which establish as one of the guidelines, that the fodder used to feed cows must be locally sourced.

Controls and traceability on feed: 34 per year
Predominantly Friesian dairy cows: 46.000
Veterinary/medical visits: weekly
Systematic audits of cowsheds: every 6 months
Tons of milk produced (the year 2021): 500,640


Traced and controlled. A stone’s throw from the plants.

Our milk begins its journey every morning at 5, when the truck drivers collect it from our breeders to take it within a few hours to the plants nearby. Owing to the 20 vehicles for daily milk collection, we can guarantee fresh, daily processing, which translates into high-quality products. To ensure proper preservation, the milk is collected at controlled temperatures (4 degrees if fresh, 10 if destined to be processed into PDO products) and sampled according to weight with special milk samplers to check its organoleptic quality right from the start. This information is then recorded and transferred in real time to a computer system that keeps track of everything.


We control things closely in order to go far.

Once the milk reaches the Latteria Soresina plants, the milk from each tank truck is sampled and taken to the laboratory for analysis. The first controls are done on the inhibitors to verify the absence of antibiotics and aflatoxin M1, a mycotoxin that is detected with an immunodiffusion and HPLC test. Then follow the chemical parameters of the milk such as fats, protein, lactose, casein and cryoscopy (the freezing point of milk) and the analysis of the bacterial count, a key element in producing Grana Padano.

Analysis of the quality of the milk collected:

Inhibitors: daily
Titres*: daily
Aflatoxins: daily**
Bacterial count: 3 times/week

* fat, protein, casein
** in order to produce High Quality Fresh Soresina Milk, 3 times a week for other products


Guaranteed quality, at every stage of the process.

Quality is not obtained by accident: each stage of the production process is subjected to strict controls and follows certified procedures. Once ready, all product samples (from Milk, Grana Padano, and Provolone, to premium-quality Butter made only from fresh dairy cream) return to the testing laboratory to be checked and receive authorisation for distribution. Every day we strive to ensure 3 principles: transparency, quality and safety along the supply chain. This is a commitment that over the years has led Latteria Soresina to receive important certifications to protect its partners and the individual consumer: in addition to controlled supply chain and traceability certification, we have obtained IFS, BRC, Halal, Kosher and animal welfare certification.

Have a closer look at how we produce:




Plants: Soresina, Cà de’ Corti, Chiari, Peschiera Borromeo, Stagno Lombardo and Campegine

Quintals of milk delivered by our members (5% of all Italian milk)


Food quality and safety certifications

The world’s leading producer of Grana Padano

Wheels of Grana Padano cheese produced (2021)


Discover all the freshness in our stores.

By purchasing in the Latteria Soresina stores, you can enjoy the authentic taste of fresh, zero-kilometre products. Here you will find a complete range of dairy products and more. In addition to milk, butter and our cheeses, we have created a tasting itinerary inspired by the region, ranging from dairy products, eggs, and salads to meats and cold cuts. Each product is the result of the work and passion of those who strive daily to bring the finest quality to Italy’s tables.

No stores near you? Have the best Latteria Soresina products delivered to your home or wherever you like in special boxed sets!


All the flavour of products Made in Italy on your table and around the world.

Every day we take the quality of the Latteria Soresina brand all over the world. In addition to our shops, we can be found throughout Italy in the main large-scale retail chains. For last-mile transport and distribution, we have 100 refrigerated trucks at our disposal, allowing us to respect the cold chain, ensuring that our products are perfectly preserved from the plant to the point of sale. Our products’ goodness knows no border: this is why we are able to reach more than 80 countries around the world. To ensure an ideal shopping experience, we offer support with a dedicated number for Italy and our online consumer service, and we promote aware and sustainable consumption. A commitment you can see for yourself on our product packs, which give instructions for proper disposal according to the recent Conai directives.


Monday through Friday
8:30 am -12:00 noon
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Connection fee upon response

Sustainability along the entire supply chain.

Responsibility and shared objectives.

For Latteria Soresina, the passion for quality and our region translate into concrete choices made in the name of sustainability such as environmental protection, animal welfare and constant support for our members, employees and collaborators. Within a broader programme for the development of agricultural regions, Latteria Soresina has adopted an Integrated Supply Chain Project through which it undertakes, together with its breeder members and all collaborators, to apply a series of shared rules and practices and to promote incentive systems and continuous training.

How can you know which supply chains are sustainable?

  • Periodic investments for renovating cowsheds, barns and means of production
  • Upgraded milk processing plants to reduce environmental impact and energy consumption
  • Concrete actions to protect our region such as the use of renewable energy, biogas and photovoltaics in the cowsheds of each of our members’ dairy farms.
  • Plants powered 50% by self-generated energy from photovoltaic and cogeneration sources
  • Reduced water consumption and responsible management of discharges and waste
  • Collaborative logistics and truck-sharing for sustainable milk transport

An APP that will allow our breeder members to control and optimise production processes for an increasingly sustainable and aware supply chain is in the testing phase. The information system enables energy monitoring to be managed, the environmental impact to be reduced and milk collection logistics to be optimised.

We are looking towards the future.

Our objective is to make a difference and generate a positive impact for society and the agri-food industry. This is why we have developed an outstanding product range that supports growth in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.


We aim for the highest standards of certification and animal welfare. For us, it is an authentic, concrete and tangible commitment.


For our packaging we are relying more and more on recycled and recyclable materials from renewable sources (such as the use of FSC-certified papers) and which allow us to reduce plastic.

Via Dei Mille, 13/17
26015 Soresina (CR)
P.IVA 00108110198

T. 0374 34.91.11
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