The territory where Latteria Soresina operates and produces is located in the heart of the Po Plain in the Province of Cremona, a large green area created and made fertile over the centuries by the Po River. It covers approximately 35,000 hectares, almost a ¼ of the entire Cremona territory. Always dedicated to the agricultural tradition and livestock farming, the area features unique natural and environmental characteristics, today managed with care and passion by 200 members who give milk to the Soresina dairies to make good and healthy products, carefully monitored for food safety and quality.

The Province of Cremona

“Across-the-board” sustainability:
earth, water, air and energy

Latteria Soresina members have a deep bond of love and respect for their territory, because every day they derive their work from it and obtain high quality products. They have therefore implemented environmental sustainability measures which include the use of renewable energies, biogas and photovoltaics in particular, applied individually on their farms and through an integrated production chain system, from safeguarding the land to transporting milk.

CO2 savings equivalent to 14,000 vehicles

Owing to the production chain that Latteria Soresina promotes and implements on its territory, very significant tangible environmental protection results have been achieved. The data shows that the energy self-produced by Member Companies has quantitatively exceeded the energy purchased, with significantly reduced CO2 released into the atmosphere, equivalent to that which is produced by 14,000 vehicles.

Estimated data from sampling year 2015/2016.
Estimated data from sampling year 2015/2016.

Greater sustainability also from lower water consumption

Regarding our commitment to safeguard and enhance sustainability over the territory, water plays a crucial role. In particular, Latteria Soresina is carrying out significant investments in its plants in order to equip them with water saving and wastewater biologic depuration systems.

Our future lies more and more "in the production chain"

Latteria Soresina adheres to and participates in a special “integrated project” in its territory, which includes the entire milk production chain (from farms to distribution) and which also involves universities and institutions. The production chain project aims to develop the competitiveness of farms and the quality of products, while simultaneously improving environmental impact.

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