Latteria Soresina implements and promotes a specific “integrated project” in its territory, thanks to the public funding of the PSR Lombardia 2014-2020, which addresses the entire milk production chain (from farms to distribution) and also involves universities and institutions, aimed at developing the competitiveness of the farms and the quality of products , all the while improving the environmental impact.
The objective is to offer better and more “equitable” products made with respect for people, animals and the environment. This is to be done also through new organizational models, in the pursuit of increasingly greater operational excellence, precise farming that reduces waste, and sensors in production processes able to detect errors and inefficiencies in real time and insert self-corrections that protect consumers and the environment.

A project for Quality and Sustainability

The Integrated Production Chain Project is part of a broader Development Program for agricultural territories drawn up by the Lombardy Region. It is called “production chain” because it brings together the various individuals that make milk their key product: farms and livestock farmers, dairies and other supporting organizations. All participants in the production chain undertake to apply the shared rules and procedures.
Latteria Soresina is in charge of coordinating the project, an important responsibility of which we are proud.

Four interconnected objectives

The project calls for a series of actions and interventions aimed at four main objectives:


the efficiency of livestock farming and production practices


environmental sustainability in every component of the production chain


and promoting the Quality of products


people about the spirit of sustainability

Distinguished partners and collaborations bringing together training and results

The project is defined also as “integrated”, because in addition to those who work directly in the production chain, it involves important institutions that deal with research and development (University of Milan), training (CESVIP) and the agricultural districts (Lombard Milk District). This involvement becomes tangible primarily in the hours of training dedicated to the various members for an increasingly sustainable production chain.

From good principles to excellent daily practices

The production chain project is based on important theoretical principles yet at the same time is very concrete, with decisions to be made and applied every day in fields, livestock farms and dairies.
With specific regard to environmental protection and sustainability, the project calls for precise commitments from those participating in the production chain:

Investments for upgrading primary production farming structures, such as cowsheds, barns and means for more sustainable management

Adjustments to milk processing systems and operating tools, which ensure lower energy consumption and environmental impact

Training activities for businesses and staff on sustainable development practices

Use of a dedicated APP to monitor and improve production processes in the interest of greater sustainability

The number of investments made by Latteria Soresina and its members

Invested by Latteria Soresina

Invested by cooperative members

For App development

For training activities

Management of the production chain in "Smart"
mode with a special App

Latteria Soresina participates in the app-iDaiS (App for DAIry Sustainability) project, started up with funding from the Lombardy Region and a collaboration with the University of Milan (Departments of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Environmental Sciences and Policies) and 13 contributing livestock farms.
This is an information system based on smartphone and cloud data apps for monitoring energy, reducing environmental impact and optimizing the management of milk collection logistics aimed at greater sustainability in the dairy processing chain.
Using the app with its user-friendly interface will allow livestock farmers to become aware of their environmental impact, the possible solutions for reducing it, and will allow the Cooperative to collect information along the entire production chain facilitating optimization of the production process.

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