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Rebranding Latteria Soresina: a case history of excellence enters the University

Latteria Soresina – Italy’s leading dairy cooperative and world leader in the production of Grana Padano – enters the University as a case history of excellence on the subject of Rebranding.

The location chosen was the Santa Giulia University Academy of Brescia, for students following the Academy’s Advertising Communication (Bachelor’s Degree) and Phenomenology of Image (Master’s Degree) courses.

The educational meeting focused on the subject of ‘Rebranding’ and the enhancement of brand identity between offline and online. 

The Santa Giulia Fine Arts Academy of Brescia is an integral part of the public system of Higher Artistic, Musical and Choreographic Education (AFAM) under the Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR). It is one of the first Italian Academies to have adopted the ministerial guidelines that led to the evolution of the educational system of state and legally recognised Academies. Santa Giulia is one of the educational and training institutes managed by the Foppa Cooperative; it constitutes an objective institution that has been engaged in education and training at national and international levels for more than 20 years.

The special lecture was attended by Latteria Soresina’s Marketing and Communication Director Gianluca Boschetti and Creative Director and Project Manager of New Target, Antonio Noventa, the communication agency that oversaw the entire implementation of the project. During the meeting, the communication and creative marketing process that led to the updating of the perceived brand image was presented to the students, starting with the total upgrading of packaging.

New Target’s collaboration with Latteria Soresina began in 2018 with the study of the digital catalogue, followed by the upgrading of the website, enhanced with new institutional videos, information content and product focus. In January 2021, New Target won the tender announced by the company board, for the important rebranding operation. The agency’s assignment was not limited to creative strategy or image coordination: in just six months, the agency managed to generate 280 different packaging proposals, orchestrating the entire work engine at every operational stage.

During the lecture at Santa Giulia Academy, the collaborative dialogue between the Agency and Latteria Soresina was presented and motivated in each communication touchpoint: from developing the new image to the on/off line launch campaign, implementing a new interactive e-commerce, a web-app, the release of a series of corporate videos, ADV, promotion and referral marketing tools, and a dedicated social media publishing plan.

The students were able to have an in-depth understanding of the significance of this rebranding project, one of the most important on a national level in recent years in the world of corporate communication, also considering that Latteria Soresina is a historic Italian brand with over 120 years of activity and ranks at the top of the dairy industry.

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