The original mild and delicious
stretched-curd cheese.

An Italian story, hanging by a thread of goodness.

Follow the thread of unmistakable flavour. Discover Provolone Soresina, the characteristic stretched-curd cheese with a mild and bold taste created in the lush green landscapes of the Po Valley. The special climatic conditions of this land have always created excellent cheeses, such as the provolones you still find hanging from the ceilings of traditional Italian food shops.

100% Italian, 100% tradition, 100% goodness.

For more than 120 years, good milk has been our common thread.

Latteria Soresina is a cooperative of dairy farmers that has been producing delectable milk and cheese known the world over since 1900. Today, as in the past, we guarantee milk of the highest quality, produced by our farmers’ cows fed with local fodder, and processed by hand by our cheesemakers as it once was. An art handed down according to tradition and certified by a controlled supply chain that respects the environment, for a wholesome and timeless taste experience.

Three ingredients, zero preservatives. For a naturally good provolone.

But why is Provolone Soresina so good? Because to make it, we only use the highest quality 100% Italian cow’s milk, calf rennet and whey. A blend that is mixed and shaped by hand until a super-stringy consistency and the typical elongated shape are obtained. To make the goodness last longer, we use no preservatives, only salting it to give it its original flavour and to preserve in time. After a short period of ageing, Provolone Soresina is ready to be enjoyed in all its unmistakable goodness!


MILK, salt, rennet.

Origin of milk





Refrigerate at +2°C/+8°C. Once opened, consume within 5 days.

Suitable for gluten-intolerant individuals


Suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals


Nutritional values


1515 kJ/365 kcal


29 g

of which saturated

20 g


2 g

of which sugars

2 g


24 g


1,8 g


720 mg


720 mg

Tasty, wholesome and rich in calcium, sodium and protein: Provolone Soresina is one of the world’s favourite Italian cheeses.

Raw, grilled or baked? Discover the countless recipes!

Raw, grilled or baked? Discover the countless recipes!

Summer pasta salad
Classic potato soup
Green velouté with crispy croutons
Trofie with cream and balsamic vinegar
Courgette lasagnette
Summer parmigiana with grilled eggplans
Semolina gnocchi au gratin
Asparagus gratin with poached egg
Spinach risotto with crispy guanciale
Fried provolone sticks with spicy red sauce
Pan-cooked pizzaiola-style provolone

A mildness that envelops you with every taste, whether raw or used in your recipes.

The delicate flavour of Provolone Soresina will conquer any cheese lover, from young to old. Mild buttery notes, full flavour, soft and velvety texture: that is why it is so popular in Italian and other cuisines. Provolone Soresina is delightful raw, sliced or diced, for a gourmet aperitif or a fancy treat at the end of a meal, perhaps with a good glass of wine. However, it is also excellent cooked, melted or grilled. Try it in lots of tasty recipes: sliced in toasted sandwiches or au gratin in first courses, melted and stringy on pizza or grilled with meat and vegetables. A symphony of flavour bite after bite.

A story of milk and excellence since 1900.

For more than 120 years, Latteria Soresina has represented excellence in the supply chain which has milk as its sole, precious, raw material.

Thanks to our farming members, we have been producing milk, butter, and cheese of the highest quality for generations. Today as in the past, we continue to offer the finest in traditional dairy products: know-how that originated in the place we love most in the world, Soresina, in the green heart of the Po Valley and which from Soresina conquers the world every day.

Our flagship product? Grana Padano, of which Latteria Soresina is the world’s top producer. But also Butter, Provolone, and much, much more.


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