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They are called “piccoli” because of their small dimensions but they are “big” in taste, flavour and culinary versatility.They are produced with the fresh milk that is coming from the members’ cattle sheds and they permit a wide choice of cuts and tastes. The manufacturing of the “Piccoli” is the same of the traditional provolone and, as a consequence, assures the same quality and taste. Topolino Soresina is a cylindrical provola, perfect for different use occasions: cold or plated, in tasty salads or hot dishes. The Provoletta Soresina is characterized by the shape that makes it look like a small bell and by a savoury taste. But the more “extreme” of the “Piccoli” family is the Caciocavallo Soresina, with its distinctive flask shape: it completes every dish with a firm mark and a strong personality.

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