Discover the soft heart of the scamorza cheese, wrapped in a crispy breadcrumb to be enjoyed even for the aperitif!

The new Sunday dish, which brings together young and old with its filling with the timeless taste of the most traditional cuisine but in the “practical size” in a meatball!

An alternative recipe to turn the usual escalope into an appetizing second course. The goodness of this simple stuffing will surprise you!

This easy, spring-flavoured recipe lends itself to practicality and flavour at your next picnic with your loved ones.

Tired of the usual toast on your lunch break or before going to the gym? Try the variant with vegetables: healthier and tastier and quicker to prepare!

An unusual variant to eat canned tuna, an ingredient that is never missing at home! Inviting as appetizers, appetizing for seconds, they lend themselves with taste and simplicity to any occasion.

These cheese balls seem born to enhance the delicious and strong flavor of caciocavallo cheese.
Quick to do, it is a great recipe in case of unexpected guests!

The salty muffins are ideal for a quick and tasty lunch, the recipe suggested is healthy and tasty, to stay light and resume the day with energy.

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