Simplicity and tradition, in an universal dish!

Smoking, melted, and satisfying, every season!

A rustic dish perfect even for lactose intolerants as well!

With the change of season, a nice hot dish is what it takes!

A fast and equally tasty alternative to the classic cannelloni, not to be missed!

A delicious first course to take with you even under the sun umbrella, to refresh you from the hot summer days.

Directly from Puglia, the tagliolini served with provolone cheese tomato and olive sauce, is an extremely simple and tasty recipe. For the success of the dish it is important to choose top quality ingredients and mix everything according to the recommended doses. For a hotter version, add chilli pepper to taste.

The dish, malloreddus with asparagus, comes straight from Sardinia.
This first course will tell you something more about the taste, the real flavours and the genuine goodness of this wonderful land.

Spaghetti served with butter, lemon and courgette sauce is a simple and delicious dish, with the original and delicate taste of lemon meets sweet courgettes. On any table, there will be a show of tastes and smells.

Pasta served with a pears, Gorgonzola cheese and walnut sauce: a simple dish to prepare in a few minutes. Always get fresh and quality raw materials, a real treat for the taste of the dish you are going to prepare!
Sophisticated and greedy… ready to cook with us?

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