How to best start the month with a perfect recipe!

For a fresh, tasty, and energetic break!

A delicious snack for adults and children, with the authentic flavour of homemade!

To travel with taste from one continent to another we propose a must of American coffee shops … and not only!

Time for breakfast: coffee, orange juice and… banana bread! A soft and tasty dessert, also perfect for brunch, slightly heated in the oven and served with butter and jams, or for a substantial snack.

A fresh and easy to prepare dessert, perfect for a sweet “toast” to offer to friends on a summer evening.

A soft and delicious dessert! Ideal during the summer and practical to serve, this cream will be perfect for any occasion.

It will take very few minutes to make this delicious cream that does not need cooking; you can enjoy it accompanied by fresh fruit or use it to stuff your tarts.

The recipe par excellence to celebrate all women… absolutely to enjoy with friends!

The berry cheesecake will win you over. We offer it in the version without cooking. You will appreciate the freshness of the base of biscuits and butter, and the Mascarpone Soresina cream.
All topped by the scenic coverage of tasty berries.

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