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Latteria Soresina’s new image

Can going back to a brand’s roots be a revolution? Yes, if it is the new chapter in the history of Latteria Soresina, one of the most important companies in the Italian dairy industry and the world’s leading producer of Grana Padano. A major corporate identity upgrade project is expected in the months to come, which will touch upon packaging, the website, social media and mass media.

Latteria Soresina announces its new brand image. The result of an analysis process that involved the marketing department, the sales team as well as market research conducted on the end consumer. The upgrading accentuates the values that have always been present in the brand’s 120-year history: the quality and freshness of products capable of winning over entire generations of Italian families; the expertise of the cheesemakers’ hands, animal welfare, guaranteed and certified controls along the practically zero-kilometre supply chain, down to the commitment to protecting the local area in which the brand has long been rooted; and therefore, the authentic, eternal and inimitable tradition of the Po Valley, the green heart that Latteria Soresina is proud to represent.

“The time had come to rethink the corporate image”, says Tiziano Fusar Poli, President of Latteria Soresina. “The current packaging undoubtedly expresses the strong link with our history and this recognisability has helped build our company’s reputation, but some important distinctive values, which are increasingly appreciated by consumers, are not emphasised to the utmost and in a coordinated manner. The consolidation of our company brand and some iconic and recognised creative symbolism were the basis for building a new graphic design.  This work is the brainchild of some great teamwork between the creative agency, marketing department, sales and management committee, which I would like to thank. The result: the ability of hundreds of items to give continuity to the past but also to express the full potential of our products, unmistakably and distinctively identifying every single package in a coordinated and harmonious way.”

Indeed, Latteria Soresina translates this declaration of loyalty to itself and its past by interpreting it, through this graphic evolution, with up-to-date communication codes and values, in a cross-media strategy that will take its first steps on digital channels, culminating in a new packaging: a true look designed for all its products. Each brand touchpoint has been revisited and made more recognisable to the market, to the dairy farms associated with the Cooperativa Latteria Soresina, to the sales network and, of course, to the end consumer.

All the elements of the new image are based on a concept that emerged during the consultation phases organised by Latteria Soresina in 2020 and in which some of the most important Italian communication agencies in the food industry participated. The concept, which has already been defined, will be unveiled together with the strategy in the months to come, and will be developed comprehensively through a wide array of tools: packaging and digital channels, trade publications, newspapers and magazines aimed at the general public, digital PR, social media, space on thematic websites and portals, and many actions aimed at engaging institutions.

The initial phases of the strategy will focus mainly on storytelling and involving the target audience through an appealing and evocative mood that focuses on discovering the brand’s values and history.

This is because the new chapter of Latteria Soresina represents both the finish line of one stage and the immediate departure for another, in the ideal never-ending race towards a future of continuous progress, while respecting and being consistent with the values, “the authenticity and goodness of its past”.

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