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The Latteria Soresina will support the Orchestra Magica Musica, a group composed of disabled and able-bodied children conducted by Maestro Piero Lombardi, for the next three years in order to show their closeness to a group that has long been able to convey the value of social inclusion by exploiting the important inclusive potential of music. And it will do so by actively supporting “Magica Musica Voice”, the workshop, conducted by Prof. Mimma D’Avossa and addressed to the singers of the Orchestra with the aim of perfecting the vocal technique, without neglecting the fun, the main objective of the Castelleonese reality.

“We are very happy that Latteria Soresina chose to walk alongside us, supporting our project,” admits Maestro Lombardi. “Thanks to the generosity of Latteria Soresina, we will allow the children to take part, for a symbolic contribution, to improvement lessons, giving them the opportunity to use the vocal technique with awareness and enhancing the expressive potential.

It is a project that takes shape, the one proposed by Lombardi and his people, which impressed several companies in the area: “It’s nice to breathe this desire for solidarity, I’ve always thought we could do more together,” he said. Latteria Soresina is really convinced and long proved to be close to the needs of the territory by supporting various activities. And in fact Chairman Fusar Poli put forward “Magica Musica is a “initivative” of our territory rich in consistent human values. Latteria Soresina has deep roots in the same Territory where the young people of Magica Musica live with their families, but above all, it shares the values without which we firmly believe that no enterprise can be sustainable. We are proud to be close to Magica Musica because the authentic emotions that its members manage to convey with their orchestra are the result of passion, competence, work and sacrifice, contaminating energy and guiding example for a better society”.
A shared commitment is worth more, to really try to look in the same direction together: “We hope that the co-operation can continue to contribute together to the construction of a world without barriers, especially mental ones” closes Maestro Lombardi.

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