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Latteria Soresina acquires the Oioli Dairy

The Cremona-based cooperative and Fratelli Oioli have reached an agreement for the development of a group that will add Gorgonzola PDO to the gems of the supply chain products guaranteed by the Soresina company, constituting a group that will surpass 500 million euros in turnover.


Latteria Soresina – Italy’s leading dairy cooperative, world leader in producing Grana Padano and acclaimed for such excellent products as its Butter, Provolone, packaged milk, and Parmigiano Reggiano, has reached an agreement with Fratelli Oioli for the acquisition of the dairy of the same name specialising in the production of Gorgonzola PDO.

Latteria Soresina General Manager Michele Falzetta commented: ‘Technically speaking, this is an agreement which will be finalised in the next few days and provides for the acquisition of 100% of Oioli’s shares by Latteria Soresina.
This is a strategic operation aimed at adding an important PDO such as Gorgonzola to Latteria Soresina’s controlled supply chain products, a cheese that lends itself to being produced with our members’ milk.
We will be the first in the panorama of this PDO to be able to offer the Gorgonzola product ‘farm to table’, meaning constantly guaranteed by a production process that we entirely control, starting with the feeding of our members’ animals, with which Latteria Soresina has always had a supply chain agreement.
Last but not least, Gorgonzola, which is also greatly appreciated abroad, represents the third Italian PDO after Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano, the latter which are already widely present in our portfolio.
The union between Latteria Soresina and Oioli know-how will allow us to offer the market a product of absolute excellence supported by a sturdy, well-respected company and supply chain structure, opening up additional opportunities both in Italy and, above all, towards exports.”

Latteria Soresina closed 2022 with a turnover of 494 million euros, a 19% increase over the previous year.
Founded as a small family-run business, Fratelli Oioli has developed through the years by bringing a quality Gorgonzola PDO to domestic and foreign markets, achieving a turnover of almost 14 million euros in 2022 with a 32% increase compared to the previous year. Thus formed, the group will then exceed 500 million euros in turnover.

“The Fratelli Oioli company,” states Plant Manager Roberto Oioli, “has always upheld the importance of values such as integrity and dedication to work, always putting the needs of its customers first, and in fact garnering ever-increasing satisfaction.
Latteria Soresina has the strength to maintain market value and product quality, being a company with enormous managerial capacities and potential on the domestic and international markets”.

‘It is precisely the values of great competence, but also human values, such as honesty, passion, and dedication, that we have found in Fratelli Oioli,’ declared Latteria Soresina President Tiziano Fusar Poli, ‘in addition to their impressive economic assets, which have convinced us to follow through with this operation, perfectly consistent with our strategy of growth in the most profitable Italian PDOs to which we allocate our members’ milk.
The goal is to further develop the Oioli company by combining excellent skills, sound entrepreneurial values and the Latteria Soresina sales network, which is very effective on the domestic and international markets and will now have this extraordinary cheese of excellence in its product portfolio.”

Latteria Soresina will have total ownership of the business, but the responsibility for running the dairy will be left to the Oioli brothers, who have shown their willingness to carry on the work with the same passion as in past years, and witnessed this enterprise come into being through the merits of their father Giovanni and then continue to grow so positively.

“The Oioli brothers pondered this decision and came to the conclusion that the Latteria Soresina acquisition would ensure the company’s future continuity, both concerning the initial project of their father, Giovanni Oioli, and for all the employees of the dairy, who are part of the family business and an integral part of it,” declared Gabriele Oioli, Production Manager of the dairy.
“We also believe,’ stated Maurizio Oioli, Sales Manager of Fratelli Oioli, ‘that becoming part of a large and solid group such as Latteria Soresina will allow the company to continue to grow on the market as it has done in recent years, during which it was able to safely overcome both the problems of the pandemic as well as those of the energy and raw material availability crisis, which, unfortunately, continue to heavily affect the market at this time.

Therefore, continuity will be guaranteed in regular day-to-day operations in anticipation of the future developments called for by the sales and production development plan.


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