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Creamy and rich-tasting because it’s made with Grana Padano.

Delicious and genuine, made traditionally with 100% Italian milk

Spreadable Gran Soresina is a fresh and creamy cheese made with three special ingredients: Latteria
Soresina’s dairy tradition, our unmistakable Grana Padano and lots of good 100% Italian milk. A delicious treat, ready-
to-spread on bread, a must-have for adding extra (ordinary) taste to your recipes.

The special ingredient? Gran Soresina Grana Padano, the King of Italian cheeses.

Do you know what makes it so good? Our Grana Padano, the famous Italian PDO cheese known the world over, of which we are the leading producer: savour the taste and aroma of an outstanding product!

Finger food, bruschettas, tramezzino sandwiches, mousses and canapés. Ready for a scrumptious snack?

Spreadable Gran Soresina Cream is the right base for creating an array of tasty aperitifs. Its soft texture is the ideal match to
enhance crunchy raw vegetables. Perfectly creamy for rolled slices of bresaola cured beef, when you’re ready for a
delicious bite to eat, but also as a nutritious snack for kids, to spread on crackers or soft buns. Its secret? Exactly as it
is, when you’re feeling a bit peckish!

A dash of goodness for your first courses, a fancy touch for second courses.

The unique taste of Spreadable Gran Soresina Cream with Grana Padano lets you indulge in unusual combinations and
discover new flavours. Stuffed pasta, gnocchi, rice, our cheese spread is so versatile that it adapts to every first course,
optimising it: from creamy pasta with herbs to four cheeses, a great dinner-saver classic.

A savoury pie is always a great idea. And how about pizza? Spreadable Gran Soresina Cream goes perfectly with everything: unleash your creativity and pair it with meat or fish, seasonal vegetables or a simple salad. Fresh and light, keep a portion in the fridge as a last-minute taste treat!

Also perfect with the most original delectables.

Spreadable Gran Soresina Cream is the ideal partner to create a delicious snack or a fresh dessert to be personalized by adding fruit, chocolate, honey and marmalade. When it comes to Spreadable Gran Soresina Cream there are no limits to the imagination because its taste is so delicate and versatile that it goes well with everything. So why choose between savory or dessert, appetizer or finger food?Play with the taste and amaze your taste buds with surprising combinations!

Product information

Dairy specialties with the taste of the Grana Padano
Pasteurised MILK, cream (MILK), Grana Padano PDO cheese 10% (MILK, salt, rennet, preservative: lysozyme from EGG), salt, thickener: sodium alginate, locust bean gum.
Origin of milk
Milk, egg
Refrigerate at +0°/+4° C.
Suitable for gluten-intolerant individuals
Suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals
Average nutritional values per 100 g
1134 kJ / 274 kcal
25 g
of which saturates
18 g
2,6 g
of which sugars
2,2 g
9,7 g
0,75 g
166 mg (21% NRV*)
*NRV = Nutrient Reference Values

A history of milk and excellence since 1900.

For more than 120 years Latteria Soresina has represented excellence in the supply chain which has milk as its sole,
precious, raw material.

For generations, we have been producing milk, butter, and cheese of the highest quality together with our members.
Today as in the past, we continue to offer the finest in traditional dairy products: know-how that originated in the
place we love most in the world, Soresina, in the green heart of the Po Valley and that from Soresina conquers the
world everyday.

Our flagship product? Grana Padano, of which Latteria Soresina is the world’s top producer. But also Butter,
Provolone and much, much more.


Via Dei Mille, 13/17
26015 Soresina (CR)
P.IVA 00108110198

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