The new Sunday dish, which brings together young and old with its filling with the timeless taste of the most traditional cuisine but in the “practical size” in a meatball!

Time for breakfast: coffee, orange juice and… banana bread! A soft and tasty dessert, also perfect for brunch, slightly heated in the oven and served with butter and jams, or for a substantial snack.

A delicious first course to take with you even under the sun umbrella, to refresh you from the hot summer days.

An alternative recipe to turn the usual escalope into an appetizing second course. The goodness of this simple stuffing will surprise you!

A fresh and easy to prepare dessert, perfect for a sweet “toast” to offer to friends on a summer evening.

A simple appetizer, with a creamy filling that takes young and old alike by the throat!

A soft and delicious dessert! Ideal during the summer and practical to serve, this cream will be perfect for any occasion.

Are you looking for an alternative to the usual hors d’oeuvres or lunchtime sandwich? The simplicity and taste of these pancakes will surprise you!

No need to fry or grill. All you need is a well-heated oven and about ten minutes to prepare a delicious, light and quick starter!

This easy, spring-flavoured recipe lends itself to practicality and flavour at your next picnic with your loved ones.

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