Light but with pleasure!

Simplicity and tradition, in an universal dish!

Smoking, melted, and satisfying, every season!

A rustic dish perfect even for lactose intolerants as well!

Discover the soft heart of the scamorza cheese, wrapped in a crispy breadcrumb to be enjoyed even for the aperitif!

With the change of season, a nice hot dish is what it takes!

For a fresh, tasty, and energetic break!

Fast, light and super tasty!

A fast and equally tasty alternative to the classic cannelloni, not to be missed!

To travel with taste from one continent to another we propose a must of American coffee shops … and not only!

Via Dei Mille, 13/17
26015 Soresina (CR)
P.IVA 00108110198

T. 0374 34.91.11