The 35th edition of the international cheese tasting competition, the World Cheese Awards, this year held in Trondheim, Norway, ended on 27 October 2023.

The event, organized annually by the British magazine The Guild of Fine Food, brings together cheesemakers, retailers, buyers and food critics from all over the world and this year hosted more than 40 countries, with more than 4,000 cheeses to taste: a world record, which underlines the importance of this event for all companies in the sector.

The jury, composed of more than 260 carefully selected and diversified experts, evaluated the cheeses in the competition, in their category, both for the visual aspect of the crust, pasta, colour, and for the sensory aspect in terms of texture, aroma and, above all, flavour: criteria that made it possible to award the different medals.

Latteria Soresina, a fresh gold medal winner at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, with its latest arrival, the Gorgonzola, in the creamed sweet version, joined the competition with the Italian Cheese National Team – Cheeseitaly, and confirmed its leadership in the dairy sector by winning, also at the World Cheese Awards 2 gold medals in the Grana Padano PDO 18+ category thanks to the two premium maturations, over 24 and over 40 months. Latteria Soresina, the world’s leading producer of Grana Padano, the best-selling Italian PDO in the world, with these unique specialties, now on the market with some packaged formats under the Gran Soresina brand, confirmed not only its leadership in terms of market shares but also in terms of quality.

But there is more: Gorgonzola by Latteria Soresina, this time in the spicy product, also won a precious silver medal in its category.  Another sign of the quality level of the Cooperative which, even with the recent acquisition of the Caseificio Oioli, continues to strengthen its position in the world of Italian PDOs.



The Gorgonzola of Latteria Soresina hits the spot at the first attempt!

In one of the most important international showcases in the world, the International Cheese & Dairy Awards held in the county of Staffordshire in England, in fact Gorgonzola Dolce Cremificato Soresina won not only the gold medal for best Gorgonzola DOP cheese but, even more important, for the best Italian cheese ever.

The General Manager of Latteria Soresina Michele Falzetta says: “Only a few months ago – to be precise in January 2023 – we concluded the acquisition by Latteria Soresina of 100% of share of the Oioli brothers company, a dairy excellence in the production of Gorgonzola PDO. Our vision is to enter directly as protagonists in the market of the third Italian PDO cheese by developing a structure of the highest level both industrial, commercial and qualitative. From this last point of view we have already achieved one of the first objectives: to guarantee certified control of the supply chain and animal welfare thanks to the exclusive use of milk from the stables of our members for the production of Gorgonzola PDO by Latteria Soresina.”

Gorgonzola Dolce Cremificato Soresina is a high-end product among the varieties of Gorgonzola produced in the Oioli Fratelli dairy recently acquired by Latteria Soresina, a cheese that has in itself exceptional characteristics of sweetness and creaminess particularly appreciated by both Italian and foreign consumers.

On the other hand, the English ICDA as well as a traditional event that has completed 126 years of history, is the largest global platform to support world-class cheese and dairy product producers, always rich of important ambassadors from the dairy world, that attracts approximately 5,500 cheese registrations and over 200 exhibitors each year. Winning one of these prestigious awards means being part of an elite group among the best in the category. Success here brings high profile recognition from UK retailers and from the international scene as well as considerable prestige for the end consumer.

An auspicious launch for Latteria Soresina which in 2023 expects the consolidated turnover to increase again to over 500 million euros.

Can going back to a brand’s roots be a revolution? Yes, if it is the new chapter in the history of Latteria Soresina, one of the most important companies in the Italian dairy industry and the world’s leading producer of Grana Padano. A major corporate identity upgrade project is expected in the months to come, which will touch upon packaging, the website, social media and mass media.

Latteria Soresina announces its new brand image. The result of an analysis process that involved the marketing department, the sales team as well as market research conducted on the end consumer. The upgrading accentuates the values that have always been present in the brand’s 120-year history: the quality and freshness of products capable of winning over entire generations of Italian families; the expertise of the cheesemakers’ hands, animal welfare, guaranteed and certified controls along the practically zero-kilometre supply chain, down to the commitment to protecting the local area in which the brand has long been rooted; and therefore, the authentic, eternal and inimitable tradition of the Po Valley, the green heart that Latteria Soresina is proud to represent.

“The time had come to rethink the corporate image”, says Tiziano Fusar Poli, President of Latteria Soresina. “The current packaging undoubtedly expresses the strong link with our history and this recognisability has helped build our company’s reputation, but some important distinctive values, which are increasingly appreciated by consumers, are not emphasised to the utmost and in a coordinated manner. The consolidation of our company brand and some iconic and recognised creative symbolism were the basis for building a new graphic design.  This work is the brainchild of some great teamwork between the creative agency, marketing department, sales and management committee, which I would like to thank. The result: the ability of hundreds of items to give continuity to the past but also to express the full potential of our products, unmistakably and distinctively identifying every single package in a coordinated and harmonious way.”

Indeed, Latteria Soresina translates this declaration of loyalty to itself and its past by interpreting it, through this graphic evolution, with up-to-date communication codes and values, in a cross-media strategy that will take its first steps on digital channels, culminating in a new packaging: a true look designed for all its products. Each brand touchpoint has been revisited and made more recognisable to the market, to the dairy farms associated with the Cooperativa Latteria Soresina, to the sales network and, of course, to the end consumer.

All the elements of the new image are based on a concept that emerged during the consultation phases organised by Latteria Soresina in 2020 and in which some of the most important Italian communication agencies in the food industry participated. The concept, which has already been defined, will be unveiled together with the strategy in the months to come, and will be developed comprehensively through a wide array of tools: packaging and digital channels, trade publications, newspapers and magazines aimed at the general public, digital PR, social media, space on thematic websites and portals, and many actions aimed at engaging institutions.

The initial phases of the strategy will focus mainly on storytelling and involving the target audience through an appealing and evocative mood that focuses on discovering the brand’s values and history.

This is because the new chapter of Latteria Soresina represents both the finish line of one stage and the immediate departure for another, in the ideal never-ending race towards a future of continuous progress, while respecting and being consistent with the values, “the authenticity and goodness of its past”.


An innovative system of shared digital ledgers developed with Sopra Steria will enable the goods pledged as collateral for the 20-million-euro loan to be constantly monitored with numerous advantages for the bank and the producer.

Credem Group, one of Italy’s leading banking groups and one of Europe’s most solid, has recently finalised a 20-million-euro loan to Latteria Soresina, the world’s leading producer of Grana Padano cheese, based on a non-possessory revolving pledge and for the first time in Europe, supported by shared digital ledger technology (blockchain). Carried out with the collaboration of Sopra Steria, this operation will allow the producer to sustain its investments, while reducing operations and costs and guaranteeing the bank the security of the pledged asset, owing to a monitoring of the goods with real-time updates of the pledge countervalue, linked to the value of the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

In particular, the institute will make a credit line available to Latteria Soresina by receiving wheels of grana padano cheese as collateral. The producer will keep these wheels in its warehouse (non-possessory pledge) and may replace them over time with other wheels of equal value (revolving pledge). The absolutely new aspect of this operation is that, for the first time in Europe, it will be possible to constantly monitor the goods placed as collateral via a system of digital databases shared between the producer and the bank (blockchain), developed in collaboration with Sopra Steria, one of Europe’s leading companies dealing in consultancy, digital services and software development. The operation was carried out in cooperation with the Demuro-Russo legal firm for the contractual part.

Credem has further confirmed its long-standing commitment to supporting companies in their development and growth path by overseeing their financial well-being, also through constant innovation in its product and service range. “This financing operation comes under a broader project to support the country’s companies, which Credem has always advanced and has strengthened in this period of the pandemic crisis”, said Corrado Biuso, Credem’s Medium and Large Enterprises Sales Manager. “We wanted to study a customised financing solution, the first in Europe of this kind for which blockchain technology has been used, which can be from now on an important tool to support those companies which, like Latteria Soresina, need liquidity, for the manufacturing cycle or to support investments, when dealing with long-term product inventories in stock prior to sale”.

We are pleased to have closed this wonderful loan operation with the Credem partners, but more importantly to have done so with an absolutely innovative approach, which, using new technologies, allows effective real-time control of the product given as a guarantee,” declares Latteria Soresina President Tiziano Fusar Poli. “This opens up a new pathway of access to credit for companies such as ours, which, because they stock products which require long periods of ageing, need financing related to the production cycle also in order to support current operations and investments targeting efficiency and growth. It is one of the many tangible examples of how digitisation and new technologies are increasingly indispensable tools for generating development and helping businesspeople and their companies to be more competitive and perform better’”


The Credem Group, one of Italy’s leading banks and amongst the most solid in Europe, is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and has a total business as of 30 September 2021, including total funding and loans, of almost 120 billion euros.

Latteria Soresina: is the world’s leading producer of Grana Padano (over 500,000 wheels per annum) and holds leading positions with regard to other outstanding Italian products, such as butter and provolone. The 2021 turnover was €414 million (+10%).

Sopra Steria: one of Europe’s leading consulting, digital services and software development companies. With 45,000 employees in 25 countries, the Group has generated revenue of 4.1 billion euros in 2018 (listed on the Paris Stock Exchange).

Demuro-Russo legal firm: a boutique legal firm providing assistance and consulting to private and public businesses at every stage of their activity and development.

Latteria Soresina – Italy’s leading dairy cooperative and world leader in the production of Grana Padano – enters the University as a case history of excellence on the subject of Rebranding.

The location chosen was the Santa Giulia University Academy of Brescia, for students following the Academy’s Advertising Communication (Bachelor’s Degree) and Phenomenology of Image (Master’s Degree) courses.

The educational meeting focused on the subject of ‘Rebranding’ and the enhancement of brand identity between offline and online. 

The Santa Giulia Fine Arts Academy of Brescia is an integral part of the public system of Higher Artistic, Musical and Choreographic Education (AFAM) under the Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR). It is one of the first Italian Academies to have adopted the ministerial guidelines that led to the evolution of the educational system of state and legally recognised Academies. Santa Giulia is one of the educational and training institutes managed by the Foppa Cooperative; it constitutes an objective institution that has been engaged in education and training at national and international levels for more than 20 years.

The special lecture was attended by Latteria Soresina’s Marketing and Communication Director Gianluca Boschetti and Creative Director and Project Manager of New Target, Antonio Noventa, the communication agency that oversaw the entire implementation of the project. During the meeting, the communication and creative marketing process that led to the updating of the perceived brand image was presented to the students, starting with the total upgrading of packaging.

New Target’s collaboration with Latteria Soresina began in 2018 with the study of the digital catalogue, followed by the upgrading of the website, enhanced with new institutional videos, information content and product focus. In January 2021, New Target won the tender announced by the company board, for the important rebranding operation. The agency’s assignment was not limited to creative strategy or image coordination: in just six months, the agency managed to generate 280 different packaging proposals, orchestrating the entire work engine at every operational stage.

During the lecture at Santa Giulia Academy, the collaborative dialogue between the Agency and Latteria Soresina was presented and motivated in each communication touchpoint: from developing the new image to the on/off line launch campaign, implementing a new interactive e-commerce, a web-app, the release of a series of corporate videos, ADV, promotion and referral marketing tools, and a dedicated social media publishing plan.

The students were able to have an in-depth understanding of the significance of this rebranding project, one of the most important on a national level in recent years in the world of corporate communication, also considering that Latteria Soresina is a historic Italian brand with over 120 years of activity and ranks at the top of the dairy industry.

The Cremona-based cooperative and Fratelli Oioli have reached an agreement for the development of a group that will add Gorgonzola PDO to the gems of the supply chain products guaranteed by the Soresina company, constituting a group that will surpass 500 million euros in turnover.


Latteria Soresina – Italy’s leading dairy cooperative, world leader in producing Grana Padano and acclaimed for such excellent products as its Butter, Provolone, packaged milk, and Parmigiano Reggiano, has reached an agreement with Fratelli Oioli for the acquisition of the dairy of the same name specialising in the production of Gorgonzola PDO.

Latteria Soresina General Manager Michele Falzetta commented: ‘Technically speaking, this is an agreement which will be finalised in the next few days and provides for the acquisition of 100% of Oioli’s shares by Latteria Soresina.
This is a strategic operation aimed at adding an important PDO such as Gorgonzola to Latteria Soresina’s controlled supply chain products, a cheese that lends itself to being produced with our members’ milk.
We will be the first in the panorama of this PDO to be able to offer the Gorgonzola product ‘farm to table’, meaning constantly guaranteed by a production process that we entirely control, starting with the feeding of our members’ animals, with which Latteria Soresina has always had a supply chain agreement.
Last but not least, Gorgonzola, which is also greatly appreciated abroad, represents the third Italian PDO after Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano, the latter which are already widely present in our portfolio.
The union between Latteria Soresina and Oioli know-how will allow us to offer the market a product of absolute excellence supported by a sturdy, well-respected company and supply chain structure, opening up additional opportunities both in Italy and, above all, towards exports.”

Latteria Soresina closed 2022 with a turnover of 494 million euros, a 19% increase over the previous year.
Founded as a small family-run business, Fratelli Oioli has developed through the years by bringing a quality Gorgonzola PDO to domestic and foreign markets, achieving a turnover of almost 14 million euros in 2022 with a 32% increase compared to the previous year. Thus formed, the group will then exceed 500 million euros in turnover.

“The Fratelli Oioli company,” states Plant Manager Roberto Oioli, “has always upheld the importance of values such as integrity and dedication to work, always putting the needs of its customers first, and in fact garnering ever-increasing satisfaction.
Latteria Soresina has the strength to maintain market value and product quality, being a company with enormous managerial capacities and potential on the domestic and international markets”.

‘It is precisely the values of great competence, but also human values, such as honesty, passion, and dedication, that we have found in Fratelli Oioli,’ declared Latteria Soresina President Tiziano Fusar Poli, ‘in addition to their impressive economic assets, which have convinced us to follow through with this operation, perfectly consistent with our strategy of growth in the most profitable Italian PDOs to which we allocate our members’ milk.
The goal is to further develop the Oioli company by combining excellent skills, sound entrepreneurial values and the Latteria Soresina sales network, which is very effective on the domestic and international markets and will now have this extraordinary cheese of excellence in its product portfolio.”

Latteria Soresina will have total ownership of the business, but the responsibility for running the dairy will be left to the Oioli brothers, who have shown their willingness to carry on the work with the same passion as in past years, and witnessed this enterprise come into being through the merits of their father Giovanni and then continue to grow so positively.

“The Oioli brothers pondered this decision and came to the conclusion that the Latteria Soresina acquisition would ensure the company’s future continuity, both concerning the initial project of their father, Giovanni Oioli, and for all the employees of the dairy, who are part of the family business and an integral part of it,” declared Gabriele Oioli, Production Manager of the dairy.
“We also believe,’ stated Maurizio Oioli, Sales Manager of Fratelli Oioli, ‘that becoming part of a large and solid group such as Latteria Soresina will allow the company to continue to grow on the market as it has done in recent years, during which it was able to safely overcome both the problems of the pandemic as well as those of the energy and raw material availability crisis, which, unfortunately, continue to heavily affect the market at this time.

Therefore, continuity will be guaranteed in regular day-to-day operations in anticipation of the future developments called for by the sales and production development plan.


Latteria Soresina in the front row for environmental sustainability. The Cooperativa from Cremona in fact joined the app-iDaiS (App for DAIry Sustainability) project, launched thanks to funding from the Lombardy Region and co-operation with the University of Milan (Departments of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Environmental Sciences and Policies) and 13 contributing livestock farms. The app is an information system based on smartphone and cloud data apps for energy monitoring, reducing environmental impact and optimising the management of milk collection logistics to make the dairy supply chain more sustainable. The project is fully in line with national and European policies aimed at promoting the conscious use of resources and the integration of production systems in line with sustainable development criteria (PSR 2015-2020).
Tiziano Fusar Poli Chairman of Latteria Soresina explains: “Today more than ever the environmental protection is central to the inhabitants of the planet and the consumer’s sensitivity to the environmental impact of production was held in high regard. Unfortunately, in general, the implementation of actions in response to this very important and concrete need meets many obstacles, including cultural obstacles. Lombardy, which produces 43% of the national milk, is a major player in the entire Italian and European milk sector both in terms of quantity of milk produced and quality. But the companies that produce it, finding themselves on a global market in a sector that is now mature, with very low and sometimes non-existent margins, have great difficulty in introducing possible product and process innovations, also because the higher costs are often not recognized by the market. Nevertheless, Latteria Soresina believes that it is also ethically necessary to think and implement innovative solutions to make our contribution to mitigate the environmental impact of production. We already did a lot in the past but a lot remains to be done. The aim was and continues to be to offer better and “fairer” products made with respect for people, animals and the environment, also through new organizational models, increasingly seeking operational excellence, precision farming that reduces waste, sensor technology in production processes able to detect errors and inefficiencies in real time and to include self-corrections to protect consumers and the environment. Such interventions require significant investments. The availability of public funding therefore represents an important opportunity for the optimization and efficiency of the different stages of the supply chain” and is a real proof of how politics can help and direct change.

The objective of the project as put forward in the introduction is to speed up, through specific actions, some technological applications, which often see the livestock sector and the related industrial transformation lagging behind the other categories. These actions are based on the use of ‘enabling technologies’ (KETs, Key Enabling Technologies), in order to put the livestock sector in a more sustainable context in response to the 17 SDG’s defined by UN member states. These principles are easily applicable to the livestock production chain for milk production and processing into dairy products.
The project, which will initially be applied in the first two stages of the dairy chain (production and delivery of milk to the dairy), will in any case allow benefits to be obtained also in the following stages. Through an approach of comparison between the different companies that supply Latteria Soresina, the aim is to promote a virtuous process that leads to reduce the environmental impact of milk production. The individual farmers will be called upon to “identify” the milk in terms of energy and environmental impact by collecting some information about their production process. A second step is the optimization of the delivery logistics in order to optimize the delivery of milk also from an environmental point of view.
The project, started in August 2018, lasts for 24 months and is divided into two macro-phases. A preliminary step consists of data collection for monitoring production through the Life Cycle Assessment method. Another step consists of the development of the app with an user-frendly interface allowing farmers to become aware of their environmental impact, the possible solutions to reduce it, and the Cooperativa to collect information along the entire production chain facilitating an optimization of the production process.

“The project also provides from economic advantages coming from the optimisation of collection routes and monitoring of energy consumption, the planning of specific collection routes according to the qualitative features of the product, the possibility of monitoring and characterising the environmental performance of the entire production process and, therefore of the final product, which takes on particular importance at a time, as mentioned earlier, when consumers, and consequently also the large-scale retail trade (GDO), are increasingly rigorous in evaluating the organoleptic features of products but also the ethics of their production phases and processes”, concludes Chairman Tiziano Fusar Poli.

The Latteria Soresina will support the Orchestra Magica Musica, a group composed of disabled and able-bodied children conducted by Maestro Piero Lombardi, for the next three years in order to show their closeness to a group that has long been able to convey the value of social inclusion by exploiting the important inclusive potential of music. And it will do so by actively supporting “Magica Musica Voice”, the workshop, conducted by Prof. Mimma D’Avossa and addressed to the singers of the Orchestra with the aim of perfecting the vocal technique, without neglecting the fun, the main objective of the Castelleonese reality.

“We are very happy that Latteria Soresina chose to walk alongside us, supporting our project,” admits Maestro Lombardi. “Thanks to the generosity of Latteria Soresina, we will allow the children to take part, for a symbolic contribution, to improvement lessons, giving them the opportunity to use the vocal technique with awareness and enhancing the expressive potential.

It is a project that takes shape, the one proposed by Lombardi and his people, which impressed several companies in the area: “It’s nice to breathe this desire for solidarity, I’ve always thought we could do more together,” he said. Latteria Soresina is really convinced and long proved to be close to the needs of the territory by supporting various activities. And in fact Chairman Fusar Poli put forward “Magica Musica is a “initivative” of our territory rich in consistent human values. Latteria Soresina has deep roots in the same Territory where the young people of Magica Musica live with their families, but above all, it shares the values without which we firmly believe that no enterprise can be sustainable. We are proud to be close to Magica Musica because the authentic emotions that its members manage to convey with their orchestra are the result of passion, competence, work and sacrifice, contaminating energy and guiding example for a better society”.
A shared commitment is worth more, to really try to look in the same direction together: “We hope that the co-operation can continue to contribute together to the construction of a world without barriers, especially mental ones” closes Maestro Lombardi.

The Cooperativa from Cremona, founded in 1900, will be 120 years old on February 5, proud to be one of the few historic food brands that remained Italian and independent, to grow enormously with strong roots in its territory together with its members and to generate a great increase in employment in the beloved land of Lombardy. With 186 stables and about 55,000 cows, it produces more than 10% of Lombardy’s milk, which in turn represents almost 5% of the national milk. In fact, milk production in 2019 almost accounted for 500,000 tons.

Last December 2019 Latteria Soresina, together with its shareholders, carried out a major capitalization operation, bringing its share capital from € 12,179,650 to over € 38,600,000. This operation proved the great responsibility and the ability of the shareholders to think in time to lay new foundations, first and foremost with regard to financial strategy, on markets that change at high speed and require companies to be fast and proactive in interpreting future scenarios in order to be increasingly competitive.

The Chairman Tiziano Fusar Poli explains: “We’re talking about a very big operation. By tripling the company share capital, Latteria Soresina raised the security bar by guaranteeing an extremely competitive future on a global level. Using a marine metaphor, the sails must be arranged and adapted to the size of the boat when in port and in calm seas, because rough seas and storms are part of the route, they arrive sooner or later, and they must be tackled with the utmost safety”.
This decision was also based on an amendment to the articles of association, where the size of the subscription to the capital increase, approved with great foresight by the shareholders, increased from €25 per tonne to €85 per tonne. The further positive and prospective issue is that, for the future, the contribution of this capital will be maintained on the incremental milk, compared to a defined mobile reference. This will make it possible to maintain the financial balance achieved over time. On the other hand, it is quite clear that the increases in milk deliveries are driving Latteria Soresina to invest in the better processing of this additional milk. In fact, the Cooperativa contributions grew continuously from 167 thousand tons in the year 2000 to almost 500 thousand tons today.

The implementation of Latteria Soresina’s financial strategy also provided for the opening of the company itself to an external investor “Fondosviluppo”, a promotion fund of Confcooperative fed by the cooperatives themselves, which subscribed a “hybrid” financial instrument for the value of € 2,500,000, thus entering the company and its assets. This participation is seen as a further positive factor by the stakeholders as it signals transparency and openness towards the outside world of the company from Cremona. In this way, the Cooperativa total assets go from € 33,604,000 to € 62,915,000.

To fully understand the importance of this operation and its future projection, it is essential to remember the numbers of Latteria Soresina. The Cooperarativa from Cremona, chaired by Chairman Tiziano Fusar Poli, has a cheese vault worth about €150 million, with an average stock of about 14 months, and a turnover that in 2019, pending official closures, increased by over €35 million (+9.5%), from €375 million in 2018 to over €410 million. The turnover of Latteria Soresina already increased by about 10 million (+2.7%) between 2017 and 2018. Even better are the export figures, which in 2019 jumped 12.3% to almost € 92 million in turnover.

Latteria Soresina increases its turnover despite the drop in the price of Grana Padano, which is its flagship product. In 2018 the Cooperativa from Cremona, which withdraws 1,200 tons of milk from its member companies every day and moves around 140 million pieces a year, reported an increase in turnover by 10 million euros, (+2.5%), from 365 million in 2017 to 375 million.

The Board of Directors of Latteria Soresina considered that the situation of falling prices in 2018 was the right moment to acquire new production factories, in order to speed up the production of Grana Padano, compared to what was planned, in the expectation that the market could recover in an interesting way. A further 20,000 “Grana shares” were thus purchased for use in 2019 at the Chiari plant, purchased in 2017, and upgraded in 2018. The market forecast turned out to be a good and this suggests an excellent 2019. The forecast is an increase in turnover of about 10%.
The production of Grana Padano at Latteria Soresina thus rise to 512,000, consolidating its role as the first producer of this prized cheese.

Latteria Soresina is the national reference for the price of milk but is also one of the main producers of butter. Since last February, the new butter factory, for which 15 million euros were invested, reached full operation, doubling the production capacity of the Cooperativa from 5,000 to 10,000 tons per year.
The increase in the turnover of butter is also due to the strategy of Latteria Soresina, which always offers high quality and supports this product with communication campaigns, making consumers rediscover the flavours and nutritional qualities of this ingredient/condiment fundamental to our Mediterranean diet.

Tiziano Fusar Poli, the Chairman of Latteria Soresina, explains the strategic nature of this operation: “The investment of about 15 million euros is the largest ever made by our Cooperativa in recent decades, but it will allow us to be at the top for many years in the butter business. He also stressed: “the core business will continue to be directed towards Grana Padano, which in the last decade rewarded milk better than many other product lines. The acquisition, also in 2018, of 20,000 Grana quotas to be produced as of 2019, which will allow us to maintain or even increase the quota of milk given to this production, which today accounts for 45% of Latteria Soresina sales.

Also important in this sense is the “Brescialat” dairy farm in Chiari, acquired in 2017. “This new plant of ours, thanks to the investments approved and now carried out in 2018 in harmony with the Rural Development Plan (RDP) – says Mr Fusar Poli – is able to produce up to 100,000 Grana cheese units per year”.

But Latteria Soresina, unlike many much smaller Grana Padano producers who focus on single production or a limited range of products, diversified its business, one of its strengths. In fact, in addition to Grana Padano cheese and Butter, the production of the Cooperativa from Cremona is also expanding with excellence in the markets of Provolone and packaged milk, and the products marketed include the Italian fior fiore caseario as Parmigiano Reggiano, Mozzarella, Yoghurt and others.
For 2019 Latteria Soresina expects to close with a turnover of over 400 million euros. The Cooperativa, with its more than 200 stables, covers 11% of the milk requirements in Lombardy (almost 5% of the national milk), and ranks among the top Italian companies in the sector.

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