Mild provolone cheese

Provolone is a delicious spun curd cheese that, thanks to its characteristic plasticity during the manufacturing, can be realized with different shapes: pancetta or salame, mandarino, with its distinctive slices, and fiaschetto.
The mild variation, that is made with calf curd, requires an aging of maximum three months: a classic for all the lovers of this cheese.

Mild Provolone cheese Pancetta6kg / 11kg / 25kg
Mild Provolone cheese cuts1kg
Mild Provolone cheese cuts3,5kg
Mild Provolone cheese portions200g
Mild Provolone cheese slices without spices200g

Sharp Provolone cheese

The Provolone Latteria Soresina ages in a controlled temperature and moisture ambience in order to guarantee the correct aging process.
The sharp version, instead, is made with goat or lamb curd, matures for a minimum of three months up to one year or more, before the commercialization.

Sharp Provolone cheese Pancetta 6kg / 11kg / 31kg
Sharp Provolone cheese Mandarino8 kg
Sharp Provolone cheese cuts1kg
Sharp Provolone cheese cuts3,5kg
Sharp Provolone cheese portions200g

Provolone cheese Selezione Cappato Nero

Latteria Soresina in the course of time has preserved and improved the artisanal manufacturing, and it runs rigid controls on the production processes: in this way it guarantees a constant quality and an utmost genuineness for its customers.
For the real experts Latteria Soresina proposes the Provolone Piccante Selezione, that has a unique taste and fragrance thanks to the artisanal manufacturing that includes the manual execution of various stages of the production process, from today with a new “dress”, more appealing.

Provolone cheese Selezione Cappato Nero pancetta31kg / 60kg
Provolone cheese Selezione Cappato Nero mandarone23kg
Provolone cheese Selezione Cappato Nero cuts3x5kg / 7kg
Provolone cheese Selezione Cappato Nero cuts6kg
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