Other cheeses

Latteria Soresina widens its range by making available to its customers a wide choice of products, all made with Italian milk. Gentle and creamy crescenza with different formats from the retail to the food service, fresh mozzarella, mascarpone, also in the special variant for desserts, ricotta, fresh and smoked scamorzas. And we should not forget the delicious sweet and spicy gorgonzola, the Grana Padano slices and cheese spreads and the Taleggio fanciful by itself and creative if used as an ingredient.

Crescenza cheese125g
Crescenza cheese260g
Grana Padano mini cheeses140g
Grana Padano slices150g
Mild Creamy Gorgonzola 1/43 kg
Mild Creamy Gorgonzola 1/81,5 kg
Mild Creamy Gorgonzola 1/26 kg
Mild Gorgonzola 1/81,5 kg
Sharp Gorgonzola 1/81,5 kg
Mascarpone cheese200g
Mascarpone cheese500g
Mascarpone cheese for desserts250g
Mascarpone cheese for desserts500g
Mozzarella cheese100g
Mozzarella cheese balls125g
Ricotta cheese200g
Ricotta cheese1500g
white Scamorza cheese300g
Smoked Scamorza280g
Taleggio cheese
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