Fresh milk

The value of Latteria Soresina historically resides above all its processes, right in its raw materials, which provide to each of its product, derived or not, a high and distinctive quality easily identifiable in the Latteria Soresina brand, which has become a synonym of tradition, territory and high quality. Among the leading products there is, of course, fresh milk, both in the high-quality and partially skimmed versions, packaged in easy-to-use PET bottles.

High Quality Full-Fat Fresh Milk1lt
Semi-skimmed Fresh Milk1lt

UHT milk

The Italian factories produce about 3 million tons of milk for feed, divided into fresh, U.H.T. and sterilized. Milk is an healthy and complete food, that can’t be substituted in the growth age, but actually is important during all life stages. The Italians could drink more milk: at this moment in time, the consumption per person is sharply lower than the average of the North European countries. The milk produced by Latteria Soresina comes only from the cattle sheds situated near the factory. Thanks to the daily collection, that is done really quickly, it is possible to make an heat-treatment with high temperature that safeguards the nutritional values and the typical taste. The U.H.T. treatment makes the milk hygienically safe and guarantees a longer shelf-life for the product. With the inclusion of the high digestibility version, lactose-free, Latteria Soresina also responds to the food intolerances widespread nowadays.

Full-Fat UHT Milk Edge1000ml
Full-Fat UHT Milk Edge500ml
Semi-skimmed UHT Milk Edge1000ml
Semi-skimmed UHT Milk Edge500ml
Skimmed UHT Milk Edge500ml
Lactose-free UHT Milk Edge1lt
Lactose-free UHT Milk Edge500ml

Esl milk

Innovative is ESL milk which, thanks to the pasteurization and ultrafiltration processes, extends its duration up to 21 days, even in the lactose-free variant.

Full-Fat Milk "Lunga Bontà"1lt
Semi-skimmed Milk "Lunga Bontà"1lt
Lactose-free Milk "Lunga Bontà"1lt
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