Latteria Soresina has always set authentic and valuable objectives, with respect to its stakeholders, employees and consumers—but not only.
The constant commitment to keep traditions of the past alive within a modern global world is the engine that drives Latteria Soresina to constantly search for the best products, without neglecting any aspect: from quality to innovation, through to sustainability and the well-being of people, animals and the environment. Indeed, Latteria Soresina is committed to protecting all players in the supply chain—from the animals and their feed through to the final consumer—with high-quality products that today reach tables all over the world.
It is precisely these aspects that have always allowed Latteria Soresina to stand out on the market, in Italy and throughout the world, being positioned as a prestigious brand on which the consumers of today and tomorrow can always rely.


“The excellence of our land on the tables of the world.”


To create value and harmonious growth for the members, employees and the cooperative, today and over time.
To be a leader in strategic dairy products, with respect for people, animals and the environment.
To work with ethics and passion and be promoters of aggregations that generate economic, social and civil progress in a sustainable way.



Code of Ethics

Latteria Soresina has decided to adopt an Organisation, Management and Control Model that guarantees transparent, safe and strict compliance with ethical standards and principles. To this end, it has transposed the recommendations referred to in Legislative Decree 231/2001, which has been approved by the Board of Directors under the resolution of 26th April 2012.

The first step towards the complete application of the Model was the adoption of a “CODE OF ETHICS” that collates all of the general principles and behavioural criteria to which each of our collaborators and members are called upon to respect in carrying out their work activities.

Verification of the adequacy of the Model and the Code of Ethics, along with their implementation and application, are the responsibility of a third independent entity referred to as the “Supervisory Body”, which operates autonomously but in collaboration with the Board of Directors and Corporate Management.

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