The “CR117” Dairy

Latteria Soresina is the top producer of Grana Padano in the world, with about 550,000 forms produced annually.
Soresina’s “CR117” Dairy in particular is one of the oldest and most renowned in existence.

Even today, the building maintains its original structure and characteristics, producing around 245,000 forms each year alone.

The milk processed in the plant comes exclusively from farms close to CR117 (from a minimum distance of just 250 metres to a maximum of 40 kilometres).

All breeders are Latteria Soresina members and are subjected to rigorous checks (over 1,000 a year), carried out by a certification body and one of our own inspectors.

To celebrate the authenticity and value of our dairy, Latteria Soresina launched the Grana Padano CR117 line, produced exclusively in the dairy of the same name.

The specific maturation process that lasts over 16 months for this range results in our Grana Padano having a flavoursome yet delicate taste and a gritty texture suitable for all needs.

It is the ideal cheese for refined cuisine to which the utmost care is paid.

It also lends itself to pairing with soft and full-bodied red wines.

The natural production process results in the Grana Padano PDO being naturally lactose-free.

Galactose content is less than 10 mg per 100 g.

Via Dei Mille, 13/17
26015 Soresina (CR)
P.IVA 00108110198

T. 0374 34.91.11