Supply Chain

Latteria Soresina is equipped with an imperative supply chain agreement signed by all stakeholders, which focuses on careful and critical monitoring of the raw materials and processes throughout the production cycle, starting from the animal feed. Supply chain certification is aimed not only to guarantee the traceability and food safety of the entire supply chain but to also uphold all sanitation aspects.

By means of codified preventive actions, any potential danger is prevented at every single step. By verifying the proper application of the procedures, the safety of the finished product is guaranteed, so as to always maintain excellent and distinctive quality standards.


Around 200 member farms
within few kilometres of the plants


Certified fodder and feed for our
46.000 lactating cows


5.000.000 quintals of milk
delivered by our members
(5% of all Italian milk)


From terrain to table
with over 1.300 items


Present in 72 countries
around the world

We give voice to our supply chain

Many voices, all recounting a single story: the quality of Latteria Soresina
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