The Controlled Supply Chain Certification is a complex activity of carefully and critically monitoring the raw materials and the processes of the entire production cycle, starting from the way animals are fed.

Besides guaranteeing the aspect of traceability within the supply chain, which is the documentation aspect of the product cycle, the certification analyses the process, breaks it down into stages and focuses the attention on the hygiene and health aspects to be guaranteed.

Through preventive coded actions, any potential danger is prevented at each stage and by checking the correct applicationof the procedures, the security of the final product is guaranteed.

Furthermore, Latteria Soresina wanted to certify the quality of their products by obtaining the ISO 9002 seal. This choice is a sign of sensitivity towards the consumer’s expectations and an entrepreneurial farsighted vision that also “certifies”, therefore, a strong, dynamic organisational outlook based on cooperation.


Latteria Soresina is one of the few Italian milk/dairy companies that can boast a tradition that is over a hundred years old.

Founded on February 5th 1900 as a Cooperative, for over a century it has been able to maintain the original spirit and characteristics that inspired its founding members, which is to say, to excel in milk/dairy production while maintaining a close tie to the territory.

A century of activity has from time to time been transformed into precious experience, that is to say, in the capacity to create quality products utilising the knowledge and techniques accumulated over the years in refinement.

The technological improvement stems from a passion for our work and from an expertise built by tradition and this in the end permits us to obtain simple and genuine products, without adulterations and easy shortcuts.


Latteria Soresina always proposes to guarantee a final product able to develop intense and complex tastes.

If the climate and the chemical/physical composition of the land define some features of a product, the human factor completes the territories peculiarities, developing techniques that are always improved in the direction of evolution while always respecting tradition.

The products that best represent the world of tastes are without a doubt cheeses and amongst these traditional cheese can, therefore, be considered the fruit of a creativity able to bring together the historical aspect of human work to the peculiarities of the region of origin.