CR117 is one of the biggest cheese factories in Italy. Here, around 245.000 cheese wheels are produced every year, making Latteria Soresina Group the biggest Grana Padano producer in the world (almost 500.000 cheese wheels per year).

CR117 is one of the most remarkable and ancient factory still existing. The structure and the original characteristics of the buildings are preserved even today.

Milk comes from the farms nearby CR117 (from a minimum distance of 250m to the maximum distance of 40km). Every farmer is a member of Latteria Soresina and subject to rigorous controls (over 1000 in one year) of certification authorities and our inspector.

Aging over 16 months gives to Grana Padano a flavourful taste, not spicy, and its grainy texture perfect to be grated. It represent the ideal cheese for a fine and refined cuisine. It perfectly matches with smooth and full-bodied red wines.

Naturally lactose free, as a consequence of the production process of Grana Padano DOP. Galactose content is less than 10mg/100g of product.