STUFFED PASTA 2 – Traditional and open ravioli (with fish)







400g plain white flour (Italian type 00 if available)
4 egg yolks
2 tbsp Blue Curacao


Ingredients for 4:

Fresh blue pasta in sheets
7 Artichokes – cleaned
½ Onion – chopped
½ Clove of garlic – chopped
200g Fillets of sea bream, turbot or John Dory
1 dl Extra virgin olive oil
1 Lemon
30g Gran Soresina
1 Egg
Parsley, basil and marjoram – chopped
Salt and pepper


Fresh blue pasta

For the creamed fish

1 l fish stock made with discarded parts of clean fish, celery, carrots, parsley and peppercorns
120g Flour
120g Latteria Soresina Butter

For the filling

200g fish fillets (tub gurnard, perch, peacock wrasse or other fish)
200g Squid
200g Cuttlefish
200g Shrimps
300g Mussels
300g Venus clams
300g Smooth or razor clams
2 Cloves of garlic
½ glass White wine
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper


For this recipe, we need to prepare fresh blue pasta. We’ll then use this pasta to make the fish ravioli, which are traditionally closed pasta parcels, but which can also be served open, like mini lasagne.

To make the filling, cut the artichokes into slices and dip them in water with lemon juice added to make it slightly acidic; drain and brown half of the slices in a pan with 4 tablespoons of oil, onion and garlic. Adjust salt and pepper to taste and cook for 15′, stirring continuously. Blend the artichokes in a blender; mix with the egg, grated Gran Soresina, basil, half of the parsley, a pinch of salt and pepper. Place dollops of filling at intervals on the sheet of pasta, cover with another sheet and seal round the edges of the individual ravioli parcels.

Chop the sea bream fillets up finely, brown them for a couple of minutes in the remaining oil with the artichokes you set aside.

Add salt and pepper and cook for 10′. Add the marjoram and parsley at the very end. Cook the ravioli in boiling salted water and serve with the artichoke and fish sauce straight away.

To make the creamed fish, prepare a roux mixture with butter and flour in a saucepan, like you would to make besciamella; add the fish stock a bit at a time and whisk together.

Bring to the boil and adjust salt to taste.

To make the filling, peel the shrimps, clean the shellfish, cut up the squid finely and dice the cuttlefish and fish fillets. Chop up the garlic and parsley.

Open the shellfish in a little water in a pan with the lid on over a high heat; remove them from their shells and strain the cooking juices.

In a separate pan, brown the chopped garlic in oil, add the parsley followed straight away by the squid, cuttlefish, diced fish and shrimps; allow to brown for a few minutes over a high heat and pour the white wine over.

Add the shellfish cooking juices, add salt and cook over a moderate heat for about 25′, watering down the sauce every now and then with the stock or hot water.

Add the shelled shellfish and remove from the heat.

In the meantime cut the sheets of pasta (10×10 cm squares) and cook them, a few at a time, in salted water for about 3′.

Place a pasta square on each plate, coat with the fish sauce filling and a little creamed fish. Place another sheet on top, followed by another layer of filling, and top with the final sheet.

Top with the creamed fish and garnish with the shellfish and fresh parsley.