Rethink your breakfast with a new milk, buy Lunga Bontà.
Have you ever dreamed to keep a fresh milk in your fridge day by day? Tired to go to market every day?
We have a great solution!
Our ESL (Extended Shelf Life) milk, named Lunga Bontà is very close to fresh milk and it lasts at least 17 days from packaging date.
This means you are not forced to buy milk day by day, as you usually probably do for the fresh milk.
Lunga Bontà is very close to fresh milk because the final product is not heavily treated and the microfiltration does not damage the final product. This is the best way to maintain better both its nutritional properties and flavor, as a fresh milk.
It is a perfect product for any kind of consumers, from kids to the elderly, even if for sportsmen and gym addicted due to a good percentage of proteins (almost 3.5%).
Our long life milk is available as semi-skimmed milk and whole milk.